Welcome to the latest issue of Ship Technology Global magazine

LNG is one of the key alternative fuels whose market size is rising rapidly across the globe. The Middle East has been relatively slow to adapt to this trend, despite being a powerhouse of oil and gas reserves, but now it is seeking to catch up. In this issue, we look at the development of bunkering infrastructure in the region.

Elsewhere with sanctions due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine hitting traditional trade routes, the big players are now looking for alternative links. We profile how some of the key ports in the Caspian Sea are surviving – and thriving.

Further north, The US, Russia, and China have all shown interest in developing the Arctic region. We find out how Russia’s multifunctional nuclear vessel would expand shipping routes to Europe and Asia.

In our cover story, we look at the rapid evolution of autonomous shipping technology, asking if autonomous surface ships will ever become mainstream.

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Peter Nilson, editor