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Issue 70   |   May 2020

The coronavirus

outbreak has devastated industries across the globe, and maritime is no exception. In this issue of Ship Technology Global, we analyse the impact of the outbreak on global shipping, and ask what steps it can take to speed up recovery.

Also in this issue: we analyse the financial cost of transforming shipping into a more eco-friendly industry; ask whether age discrimination is still a problem in maritime recruitment practices, and investigate the effectiveness of Fifi4Marine’s lithium-ion fire extinguishing system against battery fires on ships.

We also take a closer look at the darker side of shipping, highlighting key areas for piracy activities across the globe and explore how Tanzanian ports can help halt the spread of wildlife trafficking. Finally, we explore the use of blue laser technology to assist with underwater detection, and highlight how a new solution from Finnish startup ICEYE could help governments detect illicit maritime activity worldwide.

Joe Baker, editor