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Ship Technology Excellence Awards 2023 – Winners Announced!

The Ship Technology Excellence Awards winners are in! Download our full 80+ page report

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The Ship Technology Excellence Awards Winners have been announced! To see the full list you can download the full 80+ page report from the following link:

Download Awards Report

The Excellence Awards celebrate the greatest achievements and innovations in the industry. The programme provides a platform to recognize the people and companies that are driving change.

Our program is designed to highlight excellence within the sector by looking at a range of corporate activities including deals, business projects and company initiatives, both internal and in the community.

Featured Winners


Finnish optimization platform company focusing on smart ports and shipping is a Category Award Winner for Innovation and Product Launches


Norwegian provider of fleet management software for shipping and offshore assets and Category Award Winner in four Excellence Areas


A provider of oil quality management solutions for the maritime industry and Category Award Winner for Innovation

A.P. Moller – Maersk

Global shipping, transportation and logistics company and Category Award Winner for Business Expansion, Environmental and Research and Development

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha (K LINE)

Japanese headquartered global logistics company and Category Award Winner for Environmental and Research and Development

Lloyd’s Register

UK-based classification and professional services organization and Category Award Winner for Environmental and Research and Development


The research for the 2023 Ship Technology Excellence Awards has highlighted the clear focus the industry is placing on the need to decarbonize, whether that is through the pursuit of renewable fuels or an increased use of technology to find efficiencies.

Automation and AI also loom large with research and investment being pumped into developing these as practical technologies.

A theme which was clear not just in our Environmental categories but across the board was the investment being put into reducing the carbon emissions of shipping operations.

The most common pathway is the development of alternative fuels, with ship builders and shipping companies investing in the likes of ammonia, hydrogen and methanol fuels and engines. Development has not only been focused on the new build technology but also the process of adaption for older vessels, with various companies developing duel fuel engines, or technology allowing for the conversion of older engines and power trains to greener fuel setups.

There is also the issues of logistics and infrastructure, with several companies focusing their efforts on the production, transportation and distribution of these alternative fuels, including the provision of storage and refuelling infrastructure in ports.

Companies are also having to pay greater attention to the emissions of their current fleets, and in line with this several technology companies have created digital platforms and solutions allowing shipping companies to more accurately track their emissions and use data to highlight potential changes to their operations to make them more efficient.

New technology is also being demonstrated in the creation of so called green corridors, shipping routes which are being used to demonstrate and incubate new green technology.

Companies have also been investing and developing new technologies to improve and streamline shipping operations and ports. This includes a greater use of automated systems and AI in ports, the development of so called digital shipyards, and also breakthroughs in autonomous shipping, particularly on short haul cargo routes.

What is clear across almost all the projects analyzed for the awards is how rapidly technology is being adopted to make shipping greener, leaner and more digital, with technology developed for one purpose often being adapted to solve other challenges.

We hope our Excellence Awards Report not only provides recognition to those companies at the cutting edge of the industry but also provides a useful snapshot of the industry’s current state.

Congratulations to all our winners.

Awards Report

Our Awards Report contains:

  • Introduction and Themes
  • All Excellence and Category Winners
  • Featured Winner Profiles
  • Country Winner Breakdown

You can download the full 80+ page report from the following link:

Download Awards Report