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issue 64   |   May 2019

After years

of sporadic reports of GPS spoofing, the shipping industry is still unprepared for this particularly malicious type of cyber-attack. To find out more about how the industry can thwart such attacks, we talked to Pen Test Partners, who just last year demonstrated that hacking a ship’s navigation system could easily send incorrect GPS location and size information.

Our reporter provides first-hand coverage from February’s Smart Ports Summit, where the biggest issues in shipping, from digitalisation to sustainability, were addressed by industry leaders.

Speaking of digitalisation, Orca AI, a brand new entrant to the market, talks to us about its brand new AI-based tool to improve safety in navigation, while also looking at the looming IMO sulphur regulations hanging above shippers’ heads.

Finally, we ask how Sweden’s ambitious roadmap to fossil free shipping is going to be achieved, while analysing political instability and crises threatening Venezuela’s shipping sector.

Joe Baker, editor