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C-leanship: state of the art ROV and waterjet technology

C-Leanship is an underwater hull cleaning company providing state of the art ROV and waterjet technology. C-Leanship is the established ROV underwater services company in Singapore, the World’s second largest port.


Led by current CEO,Jonas Rasmussen, the company continue to grow. C-Leanship differ from other companies in the ROV cleaning market by having all of our their expertise in house. Jonas Rasmussen oversees a young, enthusiastic team consisting of technical, operations & sales departments, all based in Singapore. 

In Singapore, C-Leanship have the ability to perform hull cleanings during bunkering operation using ShipShiner™ ROV, meaning there are little to no limitations for hull cleanings. This SIMOPS (simultaneous operation) results in no downtime for our customers. Other capabilities include being able to do cleanings 24 hours a day 7 days a week and cleanings can also be performed at anchorage as well as in terminal. All of this adds up to performing cleanings with no lost time resulting in quick and efficient service. 

With the development of C-Leanship’s navigation system, They can digitally log the location of the ROV whilst performing cleanings, which also gives our customers a clearer picture of the vessel hull condition at all locations. This Digital Cleaning Log, DCL™, allows C-Leanship to clean both sides of a vessel in terminals, during bunkering and cargo operation without risk for personnel, equipment and the vessel.

Being an environmental consciousness company, C-Leanship’s ShipShiner™ collects the fouling debris whilst doing cleanings. The fouling is then incinerated onshore.


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C-Leanship also now offer underwater inspections with ROV. These high-quality inspections can give customers a clear overview of their vessel’s fouling condition. Fouling inspections are becoming increasingly important as owners look to assess and evaluate the biofouling growth rate on their vessels. Biofouling growth can result in a decrease in a vessel’s performance and high fuel costs. The market is therefore looking for ways to digitally log and track this growth and the impact it has on fuel consumption, meaning inspection and cleaning services become all the more vital in the shipping industry. C-Leanship are therefore perfectly positioned to lead the way in being a full and comprehensive underwater services provider, enabling customers every step of the way, from inspection to cleaning whilst using in-house experience and knowledge.  

Detailed inspection reports are produced within hours of completion, with HD pictures and video provided as standard. Areas of inspection include the full hull, bow thruster, bilge keels, sea chest, rudder & propeller. The reports give an overview of various parameters including but not limited to; fouling condition, percentage of fouling (coverage), paint condition and mechanical condition. 

These services become all the more essential in an industry that is continuing to innovate and welcome new technology. More companies are now having to take into consideration the long term condition of their anti-fouling paints and many are considering environmental concerns. The market is anticipating that ports and regulatory bodies will continue to impose stricter rules and regulations relating to the environment, so there will be a continued need to do regular inspections and then perform cleanings whilst also collecting debris. C-Leanship are therefore at the forefront of providing solutions for vessel inspections and hull cleanings. C-Leanship‘s environmental friendly approach is vital in the current market and will continue to be a valuable asset going forward in an ever changing, fast moving landscape.

Lastly, with continued growth and expansion, C-Leanship will have more exciting developments in the next couple of years. The company continues to look for ways to best serve customers and aim to be the ultimate provider of underwater services across various regions.

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