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ISSUE 68 | January 2019

Many commentators have suggested that the rise of so-called ‘populist’ political parties in European countries such as Italy and Hungary is leading to de-globalisation. To what extent, if any, is the populism movement affecting maritime?

We explore whether the controversy surrounding the uptake of open-loop scrubbers in shipping is justified, and investigate the Getting to Zero Coalition - an alliance of shipowners aiming to bring zero-emission vessels to international trade routes by 2030.

We also speak to Spire Global about its new satellite-powered tool for maritime weather forecasting, and explore the distribution of power amongst major shipping investment funds.

Finally, we interview maritime business platform SeaFocus about how it is inspiring the next generation of seafarers and ask if the UK needs a ‘shipping czar’ to attract more international charterers to the country.


Editor | Joe Baker

Commissioning Editor | Daniel Garrun

Writers | Adele Berti, Julian Turner, Varsha Saraogi, Andrew Tunnicliffe, Ross Davies

Magazine Designer | Anett Arc
Graphic Designers | Marzia Del Gaone, Ashley McPherson, Tyrrell Lowe, Noemi Balint, Petra Konyi-Kiss, Maria Gimenez, Filipe Costa, Martina Labaiova
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