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annual celebration of all things maritime, we’ve combined the best articles from two NRi magazines – namely Ship Technology Global and Future Cruise – into one bumper Yearbook of analysis, investigation and industry comment.

This year, shipping looks to have well and truly embraced innovation: we’ve explored how AI is helping influence navigation, as well as where the industry stands on autonomous ships. We’ve also asked whether shipping companies are facing up to their environmental responsibilities, whether through powering their vessels using greener fuels or contributing to clean-up efforts in areas badly affected by pollution.

We’ve taken a closer look at the growing importance of cybersecurity in maritime, found out about the essentials of ballast water compliance, and identified why liquefied cargoes create dangers at sea that need to be addressed. We’ve also noted the industry’s move towards gender equality, having spoken to a number of female employees about the challenges involved with breaking into maritime, including the world’s first black female cruise ship captain. 

Joe Baker, editor