Utilizing waste energy

- sustaining a financial and environmental gain

Substantial fuel savings and cost reductions

Significant emission reductions

Short payback time

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Ulmatec Pyro’s system is designed to use as much of engine waste heat as possible. Extracting heat from the exhaust and cooling water is what makes that possible. Thereafter it will heat the water in the central heating system. Using this method, the engine waste heat from the ship’s heat exchanger system combines seamlessly with heat from the exhaust gas economizer. In an optimal system, the fuel fired heater will only function as backup or for topping up. It will rarely be in operation, saving huge amounts of fuel and carbon emissions.

Ulmatec Pyro’s system extracts heat wherever it is available. In addition to that it balances the heat between various consumers. That includes the HVAC system, bathrooms, cabins and living rooms, and (potable) sanitary water. Tank heating, preheating of water to the fresh water generator and heating of pool water is a part of the system as well. Heat can also be stored in thermos tanks and assist in keeping heat inside the ship when it is docked or operating in battery mode. It can also be used in an absorption cooler to generate cooling. Moreover, if the ship is operating in a cold climate, the heat can be used for anti-icing on decks, railings, stairs, and more.

Many ships generate so much surplus heat that it can even be used to produce electricity with a turbine. All of these functions would otherwise require additional fuel, burned in an engine, with associated carbon emissions.

Ulmatec Pyro’s system is intelligent and will regulate itself automatically even if a vessel is moving between Arctic and tropical climates.