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Issue 77 • July 2021

The aftermath of the Ever Given incident continues to send ripples through the shipping industry, with canals worldwide in a state of upheaval and transit prices on the rise. The head of the Suez Canal Authority has speculated that the cause was human error, and the latest navigation software could help prevent a recurrence, as well as improving efficiency and lowering emissions.

New fuel sources are another way the industry can turn around its reputation as a polluter. Hydrogen and wind power are among the solutions under consideration. But until the infrastructure is in place for these new green fleets, one solution is making diesel from plastic that would otherwise have gone to landfill or created pollution.

Shipping is even being offered an opportunity to help reduce ocean pollution. We look at an app created by non-profit organisation Eyesea to track global pollution and maritime hazards in the form of a map with help from the shipping industry.

Berenice Healey, editor