The scrubber maker

PureteQ scrubber systems feature the lowest OPEX in the business and are easy to install. We have now simplified the installation further in our Generation II scrubber, which potentially will reduce the shipyard installation cost by double-digit percentage.

All scrubber systems come with state-of-the-art intuitive control systems with full remote accessibility. In times like these, it is very convenient to get 24/7 remote on-line support/guidance to ship crews from certified Marine Engineers.

We are presently releasing a newly developed cloud-based software for optimizing of scrubber systems across fleet and scrubber makes. It features the measuring of MARPOL compliance, operational performance (impact on SFOC) as well as environmental performance reporting, such as CO2, Sulfur and PM reductions. The software will enable sharing of learnings between crews, resulting in lower energy consumption and other OPEX. The software is a perfect match to new IMO regulation on EED(X)I & CCI when well to wake principle applies.