IM&M Ltd has over 25 years of experience in specifying, supplying, servicing,  repairing and calibrating gas detection and specialist safety equipment for the most demanding of work environments.

Your priority is keeping employees safe.

Our priority is ensuring you are equipped to keep them safe.

Introducing: MSA Altair 5X and Latchways

Gas Detection Meters

Ensure reliable detection of oxygen, toxic and combustible gases and vapours for a variety of applications:

  • Inert gas testing
  • Multi gas for confined space entry
  • Single gas for personal monitoring


Specialist PPE

IM&M supply specialist personal protection equipment for those working in explosive or toxic atmospheres and confined spaces.

  • Fall Protection
  • Head and Eye Protection
  • Face Masks, Filters
  • Breathing Apparatus & Escape Sets


PRD – Personal Rescue Device

Latchways has revolutionised the rescue process with the development of the Latchways PRD – an integrated harness system allowing self-rescue.

PRD – Personal Rescue Device

  • Reduces Rescue Time
  • Always Available
  • Self Activated
  • Clear Rescue Plan