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issue 57   |   AUGUST 2018

WEARABLE TECHNOLOGIES are becoming a hot topic in the maritime industry thanks to their health and safety benefits. Norwegian start-up ScanReach recently introduced In:Range, a unique plug-and-play system that can locate seafarers via signals sent to bracelets. We round up the hottest new wearable technologies that are set to revolutionise the seafarer experience.

We also consider the risks presented to ports by climate change and ask how they can be mitigated, hear from Danish company Blockshipping, which is developing the world’s first real-time freight container registry, and find out what countries and shipping carriers are doing to help protect livestock at sea.

Finally, we explore Japan’s ambitious plans to become an international LNG bunkering hub, and analyse the results of a new study on climate change that concluded there is currently no widely available fuel in shipping that can cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Katie Woodward, editor