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issue 68   |   January 2020

The start of the year

sees a major environmental test for the maritime industry, with the IMO’s 2020 Sulphur Cap coming into force on the 1st January. We investigate the controversy over the use of open-loop scrubbers for reducing fuel sulphur content onboard container ships, and ask whether a newly formed coalition of 80 companies could help bring zero-emission fuels into commercial operation by 2030.

Also in this issue, we explore tech company Spire’s new weather forecasting technology designed specifically for maritime; ask finance experts about the evolution of shipping investment; and find out whether a resurgence in populism is creating global consequences for trade on the open seas.

Finally, we speak to Seafocus owner Ulla Keino about the maritime business platform’s annual competition to bring younger generations into the industry, and highlight the areas where artificial intelligence could help change shipping in 2020.

Joe Baker, editor