We don't know what tomorrow's ships will look like.

But we do know what will contribute to their fire protection.

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Tmax-Insulation Cladding for effective fire protection

Fire protection on the high seas starts in the engine compartment. The extremely high surface temperatures of exposed components quickly turn a flammable drop of oil into a fire.

Tmax-Insulation Cladding provides maximum safety since it prevents direct contact of flammable fluids with hot surfaces. When temperatures inside the system are lower than 800 °C, the surfaces of the Tmax-Insulation Claddding will only range from 180 to a maximum of 220 °C. As a result, our systems meet the strict temperature requirement of the SOLAS standard to protect human life on the high seas.

  • 100% SOLAS-compliant
  • Rugged and durable modular system
  • Easy assembly and disassembly of parts using fixing points on the engine
  • Increased and effective fire prevention and protection
  • Increased machine reliability 
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Time-saving installation and dismantling
  • Effective noise protection
  • Simple and clean design ensuring the insulation modules appear as an integrated part of the engine

Tmax-Retrofit: The All-in-One Package for the SOLAS-compliant Retrofit of Marine Engines

Safety on board is top priority and compliance with safety regulations is essential regardless of the age of the engine. Especially in engine rooms the potential risk for thermal events is high and reliable fire prevention will be vital. As 3D models for older engines are often not existent, retrofitting with SOLAS-compliant high-performance insulation systems has only been possible to a limited extent until now. 

With Tmax-Retrofit Thermamax can now develop 100 % SOLAS-compliant insulation systems for older engines installed in all kind of marine applications – just in 6 steps:

  • 100 % SOLAS-compliant retrofit of marine engines
  • Full-service provided by Thermamax
  • Cooperation with relevant OEMs possible

Tmax-Insulation Cladding helps lower emissions

All over the world, stricter guidelines require shipping companies and shipbuilders to use ship engines with lower emissions. The quality of the exhaust gas values depends on whether optimal temperatures prevail throughout the system at all times.

Tmax-Insulation Cladding not only improves the safety of the exhaust aftertreatment system but also makes it highly efficient. It ensures optimal temperatures in all important areas, thus guaranteeing exhaust aftertreatment with maximum efficiency.

  • Rugged and durable modular system
  • Easy assembly and disassembly of parts using fixing points on the engine
  • Fulfillment of stricter emission standards through more efficient exhaust aftertreatment
  • Reduction of sulfur, carbon dioxide (CO2), soot particles (PM) and nitrogen oxides (NOx)

Tmax-Battery Housing for increased safety

In the event of a failure, lithium-ion batteries can reach temperatures of more than 1000 °C. This overheating can lead to fire. Secure casing of these high-performance batteries helps to keep the temperature under control and to ensure safety for both people and machines.

Tmax-Battery Housing reliably protects the environment against the effects of thermal runaway and the battery from external influences, such as water, extreme temperatures, dust or vibrations.

  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Modular and scalable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Pressure-balanced
  • Extended lifetime enabled by temperature control components
  • Protection against water spray
  • High resistance to stone impact
  • Dust protected
  • Maximum safety in case of accident
  • Optimal temperature control provides: 
    • Extended battery range  
    • Longer battery life cycle
  • Operational safety