Time is crucial. With Daspos detection systems the crew is warned already at RISK... BEFORE a fire ignites! Learn more

The LAS-10 Atmospheric Oil Mist Detector for open engine room spaces

The LAS-10 helps secure open engine rooms against the risk of fires caused by oil sprays and gases. Unlike traditional products that passively detect fires after ignition, the LAS-10 actively detects fires BEFORE ignition.

This protects the engine room against oil spills and spray gases caused by oil being led to the engine or from hydraulic pumps.

Facts about LAS-10

Two-thirds of all fires aboard ships start in the engine room. The LAS-10 Leakage Alarm System was developed for large spaces in which oils and gases are transported through pipes and hoses – in other words – open engine rooms on board ships.

The DASPOS Leakage Alarm System continuously monitors the atmospheric air in the engine room for hazardous oil fumes and gases by analyzing the densities of both oil sprays and gases in a very heavy flow of air, and alerts the crew about the risk of fire in due time… BEFORE ignition.

Product Specification

The H-18 Hot-Box Detector for small compartments and hot boxes

The Hot-Box Detector H-18 is designed for installation in engine hot boxes, with a quick release adaptor. It is designed for smaller compartments, to detect risks caused by leakages at the earliest possible state of detection. It is of crucial importance to have enough time to react.

The Hot-Box Detector H-18 sensor can operate in areas with temperatures reaching up to 200°C / 392°F. The detector is easy to install, it is not affected by unintended human interference and it does not require light in order to operate.

The Hot-Box Detector H-18 electronics sample and analyze the air looking for hydrocarbon leaks. If it detects any increased level of hydrocarbon, in the form of gas or mist, the Hot-Box Detector H-18 sends an early warning signal to the crew about the increasing danger.

Facts about H-18

  • easy installation
  • detects invisible and odorless gases
  • scalable solution / integration with LAS-10
  • no false alarms
  • operates in high ambient temperatures
  • does not require light to operate
  • is not affected by human interference
  • no impact on access to engine maintenance
  • mounted on a quick release adaptor ring

Product Specification


The DASPOS system has been developed as a fire prevention initiative and helps to secure the open engine room against the RISK of fire caused by oil or gas leakages. Unlike traditional products that only passively detect fires after ignition, The Daspos system actively detect the risk for fires already BEFORE they occur and warns the crew! The dual detection technology is based on channeling very large air flow (10.000 liters/minute) through a detection chamber and a specially designed filter. The system provides following benefits:

  • Allows for monitoring of up to 48 different areas simultaneously, with individual settings and alarm conditions.
  • Suitable for fuel oils (HFO, DO, MGO), hydraulic oils and lubricating oils and hydrogensulfide (H2S).
  • Detection of both airborne oil mists and invisible hydrocarbon gases, methane, buthane, propane etc.
  • Analyze 10.000 liters of atmospheric air perminute
  • Allows for monitoring of large areas without human interference
  • High reliability, easy maintenance and NO false alarms

The LAS-10 was developed in close cooperation with ship owners around the world and has achieved a Type Approval by Lloyds Register and DNV/GL according to the newest ISO standard, IEC-16437. As references estimated shipowners like ESVAGT, Maersk Supply Service, Svitzer, MSC, Carnival Cruise Line, Princess Cruise Line, AIDA, Disney Cruises, Holland America Line, Costa Cruises, Fred Olsen Line and Tote Service can be mentioned.