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issue 65   |   JulY 2019

As the Arctic ocean warms up, port developers are attempting to build a new deep-water shipping hub at Finnafjord in northeast Iceland. How will this new port capitalise on arctic shipping opportunities? We find out in this brand new issue of Ship Technology Global.

Elsewhere, we put a spotlight on the ‘Geneva Declaration on Human Rights at Sea’ – a new attempt to bring worker protection rights for seafarers up to speed with labourers on land – and the NEPTUNES project, which aims to measure and combat disruptive noise pollution from ships. We also ask NGO the Surfrider Foundation about the damage caused by lost containers at sea and the obstacles involved with tackling the issue.

With an eye to the future, we find out more about Lloyd Register’s first ocean-going autonomous navigation system, and ask how shipping will keep up with supply chain challenges provoked by the rise of e-commerce. Then it’s a trip back in time, as we trace the history of the Port of London - one of Europe’s largest and most venerable shipping hubs.

Joe Baker, editor