Ship Technology Global is back with a bumper edition! We've combined with our sister title Future Cruise, bringing all of our expert maritime analysis together in one place.

Our cover story profiles Papua New Guinea's new coastal monitoring system, implemented by Vissim and M-NAV. The tech aims to improve the ability of vessels to safely navigate the waters around the country and act as surveillance in sensitive areas of natural significance.

Elsewhere, we take a look at the new safety regulations put in place earlier this year in the UK. The rules set out a new framework for the safety of seafarers in enclosed spaces, hoping to cut down the number of fatalities on vessels due to asphyxiation.

As well as this, we round up some of the notable developments in the cruise sector. We get the rundown of the launch of the Beyond, the newest member of Celebrity Cruise's fleet. We also report on Viking Cruise's launch of eight new river longships in Paris – and find out how the launch is part of a heavy year for the company celebrating its 25th Anniversary.

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Peter Nilson, editor