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A convoluted legal battle is taking place at Djibouti’s Doraleh Port Terminal. Amid reports that the terminal might be used as an arms trade hub, we dive into the conflict to unpick how it all started and where this is all headed.

With waste management and plastic pollution high on the global agenda, we turn our attention to some of the biggest culprits: ships that generate large amounts of waste. 

Another ongoing battle, one that doesn’t grab the headlines quite as often, is drug use at sea. We investigate how pervasive this problem is and look at modern solutions, such as a new fingerprint testing technology.

We also find out how ports should prepare for autonomous shipping and talk to the Shipbreaking Platform about their fight to stop boats being broken up on beaches.

Lastly, Frequentis has developed a system that helps ease the workload in the control room for the maritime industry. Our video crew visited its headquarters to capture the solution in action.


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