No more lost lives at sea

NextGen IoT - disrupting maritime safety & efficiency

  • Real time positioning of passengers and crew - during alarm and evacuation
  • Real time Man overboard detection (MOB)
  • Worldʼs fastest mustering POB registration
  • Door key and payment functions
  • Power Line Communication (PLC) - data transfer in steel


  • Founded - 2016
  • PoC 2018 - 2019
  • Patent award Norway - 2017
  • International IP pending - 2018
  • Fully tested tech stack - 2019
  • Close to commercial launch - 2021
  • PGS Pilot customer
  • Industrial owner: Kongsberg Innovation

MODULAR products & options

Convincing value propositions for each product - Enables vessel data infrastructure and IoT

Alarm monitoring

Automated mustering

Asset tracking

MOB detection

Automated POB

Long battery life

Door key


One-way communication

PLC (Power-Line Communication)

Data analysis

Environment monitoring

How does it work?

The new generation of maritime safety is here, and it’s here to stay for good. Watch our video explaining how our system works.

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