The scrubber maker

PureteQ designs, delivers and commissions state-of-the-art PureteQ Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems. PureteQ scrubbers are smaller, faster to install, they require less maintenance, and the system is very simple to operate for the crew. It features the lowest OPEX in the business.

All systems come with cutting edge intuitive control systems with energy optimization program and full real-time remote accessibility. It is very convenient and cost-efficient to get 24/7 remote on-line support/guidance to crews from professional marine engineers. PureteQ has thus developed concepts that allow assisting crews from remote with trouble shooting, advice on operation and maintenance as well as optimization and training of crew.

PureteQ has developed cloud-based software for optimization and reporting across fleets and makers. The software will enable sharing of learnings between crews, resulting in lower energy consumption and other OPEX. The software is a perfect match to new IMO regulation on EED(X)I & CCI when well to wake principle applies.

Today, we service all brands of Scrubbers worldwide.