Welding applications (eg. FSW), and pre-fabricated modules (eg. Decking modules) are the major areas where our engineers are concentrated in the future years of expansion.

All the activities happening under marine products development will bring high technical and commercial values to our clients. With the broad resources from our group, PMI & PMIT will increase their competition in the world.

PMI has been involved in many vessels made by our clients, sizes up to 120m, these vessels are carrying our share our care travelling around the world, and it is definitely a honour and proud to all the members behind PMI & PMIT.

Focus on production and sales of aluminium profiles and parts, including marine products like ladder, porthole, mast, deck, plank, truss, container structure parts, helideck, etc.

Certified by Classification Society Certifications of CCS (China), ABS (America), DNV (Norway), BV (France), and NK (Japan).

Capable of development and production capability for 5xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx series aluminium.

Certified as National Hi-tech Enterprise, China Accreditation Laboratory & others recognition.

Complete production chain with billet casting, extrusion, surface finishing & advanced fabrication facilities.

Equipped with 7000T UBE extrusion press that able to produce complex-structure profiles.

The general annual extrusion capacity can reach 120K Tons.

The fabrication lines capable for various watercraft parts fabrication that serving customer's needs.

Targeted at watercraft, we breakthrough the previous process & develop the better extrusion process for 5383 alloy by technical optimization in alloy, extrusion, die, and heat treatment. It is not limited by the property of high strength, corrosion resistance, and weld ability, but also extrudability to different profile forms as customers' design desire. This is breaking the previous technology limit of profile shaping by cold work, then creating new ideas for light-weight watercraft designs which widely applicable for the use on medium to high end ships and marine platforms.

Being one of the leading aluminium extrusion companies in Asia, Press Metal started as a Malaysia-based extruder in 1986. Today, we are a world-class producer of aluminium. We operate globally and serve many different industries, from food and beverage brands to technology giants.

In 2005 Press Metal ventured into China and established its new aluminium extrusion plant, PMI and fabrication plant PMIT in Foshan, with a capacity of 120,000MT per annum. This represented a total investment value of USD 125million, with a workforce of 2,000 employees.

Malaysia Mother Company: Press Metal Aluminium Holdings Berhad
Australia Business Division: Press Metal Aluminium (Australia) Pty Ltd
China Extrusion Division: Press Metal International Ltd
China Fabrication Center: Press Metal International Technology Ltd

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