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issue 66   |   September 2019

A series of attacks

on oil tankers in the Persian Gulf has raised concerns about shipping in this crucial region. In this issue, we ask how the situation could evolve in the future.

Shipping as a forward-thinking sector is the key theme in this edition: we ask how autonomous shipping will affect the UK’s maritime industry; head to Rotterdam to explore a new innovation centre opened by synthetic floor specialist Bolidt; and analyse whether a new collaboration between major banks could help decarbonise shipping.

Also in this issue, we highlight strategically important ports in the Indian Ocean, find out how the Marshall Islands’ has established itself as a major shipping hub, and take a closer look at the world’s first fully electric ferry.

Finally, we speak to William H Burroughs, senior principal engineer at the American Bureau of Shipping, about what shipping companies must do to comply with the IMO’s updated ballast water regulations.

Joe Baker, editor