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Issue 72   |   September 2020

In this issue,

we take a look at UK shipping’s steps to recover from the dire effects of Covid-19 with trade association Maritime UK.

After 100 years, we ask whether the US’ controversial Jones Act – designed to protect US shipping from competition - is doing more harm than good. Meanwhile, a Europe-wide project to spread the power of 5G connectivity has us asking: how is maritime set to benefit?

Also in this issue: we analyse Japan’s plans to launch a zero-emissions container ship by 2028, speak to the UK Quantum Technology Hub about a new ship navigation system that doesn’t rely on satellites, and find out more about a new ‘microbubbles’ concept that could speed up ships.

Finally, we highlight how bad actors in the industry are evading international shipping sanctions, explore the potential of autonomous security vessels, and hear from the Port of Tyne’s Dr Jo North about how ‘concurrent design’ methods could improve maritime product innovation.

Joe Baker, editor