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issue 61  |  December 2018

The latest blow

in a six-year-long legal battle between Dubai’s DP World and the Government of Djibouti has landed Doraleh in hot waters. What is the convoluted story behind this disputed port?

Our cover article tackles a pressing matter currently on everybody’s minds: widespread plastic pollution. Pressure is now mounting on shippers to clean up their act when it comes to dumping waste at sea.

When it comes to the lives of seafarers, one real but often hidden issue is drug use at sea, which can have serious implications for both crew health and vessel safety. We investigate how pervasive this problem is and look at modern, more dignified drug-testing solutions.

We also visit Frequentis’ new maritime control room and talk to international NGO Shipbreaking Platform about the horrors of beaching and the steps it's making towards instilling the industry with safer practices.

Eva Grey, editor