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The debate surrounding the controversial Jones Act, which regulates maritime commerce in the US, is back on the agenda. We weigh in on the issue and ask whether it is time for the Jones Act to go.

In performance, we speak to voyage intelligence specialist StratumFive to find out why shipowners and operators should consider following the so-called ‘80/20’ rule.

Next issue’s profile piece features the independent Fair Winds Trading Company, who set out to empower micro-entrepreneurs from the isolated Casamance area of Senegal by building a zero-emissions cargo ship to transport goods from the remote coastal region to the shores of Scotland.

Finally, the founders of digital logistics company Zencargo explain how the latest digital innovations could bring a new era of efficiency to marine logistics, and we take a look at the importance of sounding after Belgium’s Port of Antwerp commenced the trial of a fully automatic sounding boat named Echodrone.


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