A Better Ballast Water Treatment System

Envirocleanse, LLC, owned by Charter Brokerage– a BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY company–has developed its inTank Ballast WaterTreatment System (BWTS), in collaborationwith Glosten, Inc., to prevent the transferof harmful aquatic species via ship’s ballastwater. With patented nozzles inside theballast tanks and a robust hypochloritegenerator, the Envirocleanse inTankTM BWTSis the most advanced and sustainable systemon the market.

The inTankTMBWTS process ensures disinfection of ballast water tanks and piping through the application of a targeted CT, which is the product of disinfection Concentration (in milligrams per liter, mg/L) and disinfection contact Time (in hours) measured as total residual oxidant (TRO). The system works by circulating each ballast tank, injecting disinfectant, until the target dose is reached.  This is all done while the vessel is underway, thus eliminating the risk of interrupting port operations.