MBM Consultancy sets the following objectives for the services of Naval architecture and Offshore Engineering projects:

  • Incorporate MBM moto into all that we deliver – “To impress our clients client with our ingenuity and solutions.”. 
  • Assist clients in their pursuit of projects with advanced feasibility studies. 
  • Conduct all business to provide all aspects of Offshore transport and vessel engineering services.

A selection of services from MBM consultancy

List of services recently provided that you may also desire:

  • Sea going barge analysis
  • Mooring analysis
  • Method statement / Approvals
  • Certification
  • Surveys, land, sea, offshore, rail
  • Working at heights
  • Barge motions analysis
  • Vessel conversion/ Heavy project
  • Grillage design / approval
  • Transport frame design / approval
  • Lifting plan design / approval
  • SPMT analysis
  • Stool analysis
  • Skidding analysis
  • Cargo securing, Road, rail, sea, offshore
  • Open hatch sailing approvals
  • Hatch cover strength analysis
  • Tween deck strength analysis
  • Cargo damage investigation / surveys
  • Accident investigation, study 
  • Decommissioning feasibility study
  • Decommission project bid submission
  • Decommission project 
  • Jacket transport analysis, 
  • Jacket removal analysis
  • Barge loadouts manuals
  • Offshore heavy lifting analysis
  • Cable carousel design and spooling
  • HLV, MPP OSV deck layouts
  • Weather motions analysis
  • Technical Team training
  • Technical team creation and development

Industry innovations and firsts

  • First to provide Upright towers transport for open sea transport on Hatch covers. – Greater Gabbard Project, BBC Konan, Siemens Towers. 
  • Antwerp Breakbulk 2011 - First Engineering company presented in a Booth.
  • Double stacking of Monopiles
  • First to transport Monopiles on Hatch cover with 1.5 ton hatch strength using only wood for support.
  • First to do RTG#s on Hatch covers – BBC Rosario - 2006
  • First to present industry continued downturn for 2012 set to continue to 2017 and predict return in 2018.
  • First to present study for industry stable growth and recovery in 2020. Presented in 2016
  • First to identify Engineering as an asset for HL MPP vessels and create a technical team and provide training.
  • First to create a systematic loading manual, originally called a “TEC-DOC”, (technical document) later the industry now refers to this manual as a “Method Statement”.
  • Implement FEA in Weight spread analysis to reduce Steel costs for MPV – published in HLPFI - 2006
  • First to identify HLV Bulbous bow design is inefficient for fuel consumptions, and smaller bulbous will reduce fuel by up to 10%.
  • The use of Classification rules to gain Open Hatch sailing - 2007
  • Use of twist locks to repeat voyage windmill blades to reduce costs significantly, approx. cost only 8% (eight) of original expected costs of steel work.

Company ownership

MBM Consultancy was created and based in Leer, Germany, under a family shareholding ownership Directed by Mr Mark Bambury.  The company was established in Germany in Sept 2010 and is recognized as a VAT Registered ongoing and trading company.

Company history

Since 2010, MBM Consultancy has provided Naval architecture services to Shipowners, Maritime sector, and the Offshore industry. With a focus on Heavy cargo Transport engineering, Vessel repair designs, and vessel modification analysis, and general consultancy services. MBM Consultancy provides a full range of services and can meet virtually any Naval architecture, maritime, & shipowner need to maintain their vessel from an Engineering perspective. No project is too small or too large. Every project adds value to a Heavy Cargo project, or Vessel and increases the clients financial security.

MBM Consultancy undertakes Hull modeling, structural analysis, Motions analysis, piping, HVAC, vessel plans, concept design, power and propulsion, Detail design, and construction planning, plans, and consultations. The company also does Heavy cargo transport engineering, generating vessel models, bespoke transport frame designs for oil and gas, and offshore clients.

With the current expansion of the Offshore wind energy sector, MBM Consultancy is able to provide low cost transportation designs, which are alternatives to the EPC’s inhouse provided designs, to meet the customers' low transport costs needs. By utilizing Heavy Cargo Transport engineering, customers reduce their project costs, in materials, and potential delivery dates and also may be eligible for certain tax benefits or credits.

MBM Consultancy is located at Hafenstrasse 6a, Leer, Germany  and provides Maritime and Offshore designs, Engineering, Surveys, and Project planning for International clients.