Clean water is our passion and our task

Approximately 70 percent of the surface from the earth is covered by water, most of it by the Oceans. The KOW Watertreatment plants makes salt water drinkable and usable for industrial purposes and irrigation.

KOW Watertreatment is one of the leading suppliers of reverse osmosis (RO) plants generating fresh water with a reliable and highly efficient production process.

The systems are suitable for cruise liners, offshore platforms and islands. Reverse osmosis technology forms the core of our water processing plants, which converts sea water into fresh, clean drinking water.

Our portfolio of water processing plants includes:

  • New building
  • Retrofits
  • Upgrades and modernization
  • Container installations
  • Land based installations

Our standardized low range RO systems are designed for 100 m3/d. Custom-made new build or retrofit systems are designed with a capacity of up to 1.200 m3/d and higher. To meet growing demands for high quality drinking water onboard we offer the INTERSTAGE BOOSTING technology, invented by KOW, to increase the capacity of existing RO plants.

The INTERSTAGE BOOSTING process has been developed for long serving RO systems without any energy recovery system. This innovative procedure provides for an increased fresh water production of the existing RO plant of up to a 50 percent higher output, without additional energy consumption.

Applications of our RO systems:

  • Single stage RO plants with energy recovery system
  • 2nd Stage RO plant for higher water quality demands
  • Technical water stage systems

Services of our Engineers and technicians:

  • Annual maintenance service
  • Commissioning and crew training
  • Repair works and spare parts

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Johannes Münz

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