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May 2021

More than 600 organisations across the maritime industry have signed the Neptune Declaration, a document calling for better health standards and crew change standards for seafarers. Will it make a difference? We find out in the next issue of Ship Technology Global.

We give an update on the shipping container shortage that is causing major capacity issues for the industry, explore the potential outcomes of a new maritime agreement between Iran and Syria, and analyse where the maritime battery market could be heading this year and beyond.

After exploring it briefly in this issue, we profile the Tuas megaport project in Singapore, which aims to bring new levels of automation to shipping when it opens in the 2040s. Finally, we explore how findings about wind propulsion in the yachting industry could influence larger ships in years to come.


Editor | Joe Baker
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Writers | Heidi Vella, Ilaria Grasso Macola, Chris Lo, Alex Love, Luke Christou, Adele Berti

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