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Issue 73 • November 2020

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that it can often take a seismic event to reshape an industry. The Covid-19 crisis initially shook maritime to its core, and even though freight rates are by and large recovering, it’s important to remember the faces behind the figures.

Seafarers have been some of the worst hit by the pandemic, with some being quarantined at sea indefinitely and others having their contracts terminated. In this issue of Ship Technology Global, we explore what organisations are doing to ensure workers are getting the support they need.

In other places, that seismic event can be the catalyst to a revolution. Back in August, the Beirut port explosion caused an uprising, and from a shipping perspective its started a new conversation about redressing the balance between moving hazardous cargo safely but efficiently through ports.

Often, a major fall can help an industry pick itself up and brush off the dust. The question is: in 2021, will maritime heed the call?

Joe Baker, editor