NAPA Voyage Optimization

Easy to use on-demand weather routing solution

NAPA Voyage Optimization is an easy-to-use solution for improving operational efficiency by optimizing route and speed profiles for any sea passage. NAPA Voyage Optimization does not require any hardware installations or initial investment, so you can start getting benefits right away.



Avoid heavy weather for safety of crew and cargo


Accurate estimate of arrival time

Reduced emissions

Utilize currents, winds and waves for your benefit

Reduced costs & increased earnings

Save in fuel costs, optimize schedules


Compare voyage alternatives together with voyage planning stakeholders

NAPA Performance Model ensures accurate fuel consumption and ETA estimates

The vessel performance models are built and improved using NAPA’s unique expertise accumulated during the 30 years history as the leading provider of software, services and data analysis for the maritime industry.

With daily noon reports, the performance model can be further tuned dynamically, to give up-to-date results for exactly the condition the ship is in today.

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NAPA Voyage Optimization